Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

My sweet hubby gave me this huge bouquet of lillies. He did such a good job! Love him!
Lillies are absolutely my favorite flower of all time. Not to mention I've had a blast taking pictures of the blooms. I've got some really good shots that I plan on framing and hanging in my bathroom.

We had a fun filled weekend planned for Balentine's Day (as Parker calls it). One of the main activities was trying to get Parker to enunciate his 'V' when saying Valentine's Day. I had no idea how excited he was to celebrate. He kept telling me all day "Mom, it's Balentine's Day!" or "Mom, we can't clean my room! It's Balentine's Day!" He used it as an excuse to get out of EVERYTHING! Man, he takes after his dad so much! LOL. (just kidding babe :)

On Saturday we went to Monster Jam. That was my gift to my boys. Saturday evening we had
a little get together with awesome friends and great food! Love you all!

Sunday we had plans with both my family and John's. We headed to Santaquin for a late lunch. After some yummy Sloppy Joes (extra sloppy of course :) and desserts we passed out Valentine's between the kids. It's our tradition to give a holiday book to our nieces and nephews along with their treats. I hope they enjoy their books as much as Parker does.

Afterwards, we headed back to Spanish Fork to spend some time with my family. I made Bleu Cheese Burgers and mom made her yummy potatoe salad. The kids had a blast playing together and most of the adults, with the exception of my crippled dad, my sick pregnant sister in law and my party pooper hubby, played a few rounds of cards. What a fun Balentine's Day!

Boys Love Trucks

Especially MONSTER TRUCKS!!!!
For Valentine's Day I surprised my boys with tickets to Monster Jam.
We had awesome seats and the show was great.
Gotta love the smell of exhaust in the afternoon!
Can you tell that he's excited!?
Patiently waiting for the Monster Trucks

The popcorn in the background was to die for!

My hot hubby!

Monster Mutt-Parker's favorite! Parker loved that he won the racing competition.

Grave Digger

Madusa-Girls driving Monster Trucks rock!!
Grave Digger after rolling at the end of the show during the freestyle competition
See the video below for all the action!

Like Father Like Son

John and Parker have been doing ALOT of ice fishing this winter. Below are just a couple of pictures of one of their outings.

Like father like son LOL

Parker's big catch

Welcome Home

The night we got back from Denver was quite the experience.

After driving home from the airport in a blizzard, we picked Parker up from my Mom and Dad's and finally headed home. By the time we got there it was about 10pm. We unloaded the truck and put all the suitcases in our room. First thing I did was turn the heater on since it was a balmy 45 degrees in the house.
John was outside taking care of the dogs while Parker and I were changing into our PJ's. Parker was in his room and I was in mine. There I am, down to my skivies when all of the sudden....PITCH BLACK. My first thought was, WTF? Then this blood curdling scream comes from Parker's room. So I go running to his room, wearing nothing but my undies. He's running down the hall, completely freaking out. As I scoop him up and try and calm him down John comes bursting through the door. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED??" he screams. He said while he was outside he heard a huge 'BOOM' and a big flash of light coming from just southeast of our house.
Having worked in dispatch when something similar happened, I immediately knew what was going on.
On the main road through our subdivision there is a fairly tight turn. On a nice day with normal driving conditions you have to take the turn at about 15-20 mph. Just on the outside of that turn are some utility boxes. These boxes supply power to other boxes in the neighborhood. That night was NOT normal driving conditions. It was a BLIZZARD! Apparently, some person (I have several other names but I'll stick with the nicest) driving a tow truck came around that turn like a bat out of hell and smashed into the power boxes knocking the power out through most of my half of the neighborhood.
Anyway, I hand Parker (who is still freaking out) over to John so I can get some clothes on. Being naked in a 45 degree house is not fun! I grab a flashlight and head to my room. We spent the next 15 minutes or so lighting candles and gathering flashlights. After we had the house pretty lit up we realized that with the power being off the furnace wouldnt kick on. So, we were heatless. Thank god for the gas fireplace! We ended up having a campout in the family room in front of the fireplace. We set up Parker's tent and sleeping bag and got him all settled. John and I (and Maisy) curled up in our sleeping bags and after quite some time we finally fell asleep. Around 5am we woke up to all the lights suddenly popping back on and the heater going nice and strong.
Although it was not an ideal way to spend our first night back from vacation, it ended up being a pretty good memory that we can look back on and laugh.
About a week later I was driving by and noticed some city workers installing two HUGE boulders in front of the utility boxes. Thanks to the city for realizing that was a crappy spot to put utility boxes and thanks for doing something to fix the problem. Parker really appreciates it :)

How High?

Back in January John and I had the opportunity to go to Denver. I was asked to go to a public safety conference for work. John decided he wanted to tag along. Not really, I literally had to BEG him to go :). But, being the wonderful husband that he is, he agreed. Although we missed Parker very much, it was nice to go somewhere on our own. Considering we have been together for 10 years and this was our first actual vacation alone, I think it was well deserved! We had a BLAST!! The architecure was amazing! I could have walked around the city for hours looking at all the incredible buildings.

This is the airport guard horse. He's stationed at the top of a big hill just outside the airport. This guy is big, blue and has some seriously creepy glowing red eyes.

Another sample of the amazing things they have around the city. This big guy is peeking into the convention center. Isn't he cute?

Since I was in class 8 hours a day, John had alot of time to himself. I think he enjoyed the alone time. Anyway, he took a little taxi ride outside the city to Bass Pro Shops. He said this one was 10x's better than the one in Vegas. He found Parker a cute souvenir t-shirt while he was there.

This cute little place was across the street from our hotel. It's called Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. During a break in classes we headed over for lunch. This place was AWESOME. The food was great and the decor was hilarious! It's decorated entirely in Forest Gump memorabilia.

The drinks were fantastic! And so pretty!
Here's John ready to dig in :)

I love the saying hanging on the wall behind us. It's so true!

During our 4 day trip we did alot of relaxing, alot of walking, alot of eating and alot of just being together. Thanks for coming with me, Babe! Love you!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh the things kids say...

Dinner time conversations are my favorite part of the day. We turn the TV off and the three of us sit down at the table and enjoy each others company. Parker is our nightly entertainment. This kid ALWAYS has something crazy and off the wall to say! Here are a few excerpts from the past couple of nights.

Last night:
Parker: Mom?(shoveling food into his mouth in between sentences)
Me: Yeah, bud?
Parker:I was thinking about something... (shoveling more food)
Me: What was it?
Parker: I don't know (shrugs and keeps eating)


Tonight: Parker is in the processes of eating a plateful of greenbeans.
Parker: I love green beans!
Me: I'm glad! They'll make you big and strong.
Parker: Yup! They'll make me big and strong so I can be a dad someday. I'm gonna have a son. And his mom will have 3 babies in her tummy. I don't know their names yet though.
Me: (John and I trying so hard not to laugh) Really? Who's your wife gonna be?
Parker: Abigail (the little girl next door)
Me: Does Abigail know that yet?
Parker: No, but someday she will!