Monday, July 19, 2010

25 week update

Since I'm about a week behind I figured I'd better post an update.

I had my 25 week appt on 7/16. Good news, the little pumpkin is doing GREAT! BP is still looking good, weight gain is on track (only a 7 pd gain so far!!) and babys heart rate was perfect! My Dr. still thinks she sounds like a boy when listening to her heart rate. I have to get my glucose test done in 2 weeks, not looking forward to that! That stuff is disgusting!

Update on my To Do List:

I did get the nursery room cleared out and all of my office stuff moved downstairs. The desk is still in the nursery (waiting on the hubby for that one) but other than that its ready to get started. I found a super cute dresser that I plan on refinishing for the babys room. I haven't started on that yet but hopefully this weekend. Great news, we cleaned the basement!! We went through every box we had and threw away a ton of stuff and got a huge flatbed trailer full of stuff to sell at the yard sale. It was a huge pain but I am sooo glad it's done. It's so refreshing to let go of old things that we'll never use again, making room for new things! I have to admit, I teared up a little bit while going through all of Parker's baby clothes and baby toys and even some things from my childhood but I did save the things that I was most attached to. Now that our basement is basically empty (aside from holiday decor, things that go in the office, and a couple of storage containers of miscellaneous items) we can start finishing it! Speaking of empty, John and I went through our dressers and closet and got rid of so many clothes! I seriously cannot believe how many clothes we had that we NEVER wore. I got rid of so much that I no longer need a dresser LOL. So, I sold that at the yard sale too :) Now I have plenty of room to buy a new dresser, that I actually like, and new clothes to fill all that empty space in my closet.

After all that hard work of sorting through things to throw away and things to sell, we had a multifamily yard sale with my parents and my brothers. Wow, I cannot believe the amount of stuff that we all had! My parents driveway is pretty dang big and it was PACKED with stuff. We had a great turnout, most people wanting everything for nothing, but we still made out ok. Almost $400 dollars later we were done!

So, to sum up my progress on the checklist from 4 weeks ago:
Basement cleaned out-check
Nursery cleaned out-check
yard sale done-check

I don't think John's going to have time to finish the basement until this winter so that's going on the back burner for now. I still need to order my top window blind for the nursery and I decided I'm not painting the nursery until the baby quilt gets here (hopefully in the next couple weeks). I need to have that so I can pick coordinating colors.

25 wk To Do List:
order crib
finish dresser (will post before and after pics when it's done)
wait for quilt
paint nursery
and,if I can find one, install antique chandelier in nursery