Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How did this happen??

Where did the time go?? How is my baby 5 years old already?!?

The invite!!

We had so much fun planning this years birthday bash. We had a Monster Jam theme complete with racing flags all along the flower beds around the entire yard, a balloon arch, monster truck picture, monster truck pinata, tattoos and monster truck themed games.

A special thanks to Mother Nature for allowing great weather (perhaps a little on the hot side) and a very special thanks to my awesome hubby for helping me get everything together and not complaining about it to much. Love you babe!
The party guests got to draw their own Monster Truck and get a Monster Truck tattoo (or 2) they were awesome! We played 'Pin the license plate on Grave Digger' complete with personalized license plates for each guest. Then we played Grave Digger dash where the kids split into teams and had to fill a shovel with dirt, run back to their team and dump it in their team bucket until it was full. We played 'Hot Wheels' which is hot potato, just with a Monster Truck and we played 'Red Light, Green Light'. Each guest got their own pull back Monster Truck toy and we had Monster Truck races. Then we finished off with a pinata and cake and ice cream. We had so much fun!! But, I gotta say, I'm glad it's over!

Here's a shot of the balloon arch and the flags. By the time I took this picture a bunch of the balloons had popped due to the heat.

I decided not to stress this year about making a special birthday cake. Thank you Macey's bakery for the super cute cake that Parker loved!!

The decorations turned out dang cute!

This is most of the kids that came to the party. A couple had already called it a day by the time I got this shot. Thanks everyone for coming and making Parker's birthday so special!!

Lake Powell 2010

This year we got to spend 5 GLORIOUS days in Lake Powell. Me, John, Parker, Mom and Dad and Jenny and Matt all headed down early early Friday morning. A group was just getting ready to leave our spot when we got there so we didn't have to go searching for a new one. Lucky us! As usual, the wind was pretty strong during the afternoons but the temperature was perfect and the water was awesome! The fishing got better and better everyday! I seriously did not want to come back....I would have been perfectly content staying there for the rest of the summer :) I had so much fun relaxing and doing nothing I didn't get very many pictures. Here are the few I got for your viewing pleasure.Parker driving Grandpa's boat....spoiled! I don't even get to drive Grandpa's boat ;)

Little stinker Maisy tried sneaking onto the houseboat. Our association rules state NO DOGS. We brought all three of them with us, but did a pretty good job keeping them out of the boat.

My little fisherman-his daddy is so proud!

Parkey learned how to do a cannonball!

My kids chillin' in the shade.
I was so surprised my big dogs did such a good job sticking around camp! They had so much fun and were exhausted by the end of the first day :)
We had such a good trip and I cannot WAIT to go back in July!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Holy Shamoly! Only 20 weeks left!

Yay!! We're at the half way point!! In 20 more weeks I get to meet my baby girl. This pregnancy is flying by so quickly...I have absolutely nothing done and I'm feeling so very unprepared :(
I've been working A TON of hours lately, trying to get some OT so I can pay off some debts and get some extra money in savings before I go part time. I just got done with an 80 hour week and am jsut beginning a 78 hour week. I'm so exhausted already! But, the checks will more than make up for it.
As far as the pregnancy goes, I feel AMAZING!! The only complaint I have right now is my pants don't want to button up anymore. Which means, yup, you guessed it...SHOPPING! Dang it ;) I can feel this little pumpkin moving all the time now and, man, is she a mover! I don't have any strange cravings yet...mostly just fruit, veggies and pasta. Lately I haven't been a fan of red meat. The texture of hamburger makes me want to vomit! I feel almost vegetarian due to the mostly meat free meals I cook throughout the week. I think John's getting a little tire of it :)

I had my 20 week ultrasound done on Thursday June 10th. While the Dr. was doing her heart measurements he did an EKG and noticed a little bit of an arrhythmia. It kind of sounded like her heart was skipping a beat. Needless to say, I was FREAKING OUT! He said that a slight arrhythmia at this point is fairly common and it usually corrects itself by birth. I calmed down slightly after that but I was still really worried. He checked all her measurements starting with her heart, them moving to her brain, spine, abdominal cavity, face (no cleft palate), appendages(10 little finger, 10 little toes!) and then rechecked her gender. Yup, she's still ALL girl!! She was so dang cute during all of this. Her little legs were folded up against her, then she'd stretch one out for a second then fold it right back in. She kept her left hand over her chest pretty much the entire time. I guess she's going to be pretty patriotic. While the Dr. was trying to get a good profile shot of her he says to me "Oh, well, that explains it!" I'm like, "What?? Explains what??" She had the hiccups! It was the cutest thing ever!! And that, of course, explained the arrhythmia. After she stopped hiccupping he did another EKG and, sure enough, perfect heart rate! Her heart rate was measuring between 126-132BPM during the ultrasound. Anywhere from 120-160 is normal. The old wives tale says a fast heart rate is a girl and a slow heart rate is a boy. I guess she proved that wrong :)
Dr. figured she was about 13oz and measuring at about 20wks 1 day instead of 19 wks 6 days. He estimated her due date to be Oct 28th at 0700. I think he thinks he's pretty funny.
At my 20 wk appt with Dr. Nance I weighed in at 167(ugh). I had just ate a big lunch at Sizzler so I'm taking 1.5lbs off due to that(don't judge! :) So, I'm saying I'm at 165.5lbs which means a weight gain of 5.5lbs. BP still around 110/65. I talked to Dr. Nance about limiting my stress and trying to get full term this time around. he said that it would be a good idea if I keep my stress level to a minimum(Ya right! Obviously he's never been a dispatcher)and to not add anything in to my daily routine that would create more stress. So I have to talk to my training supervisor at work to see if I can opt out of this next training session of new hires. I doub't she'll be very happy but it's for the well being of Little Pumpkin so I really don't care.

One of my pregnancy goals is to have everything for the baby completely ready by the time I'm 32 weeks. Wow, that's only 12 weeks away! I can't believe how fast time flies! I'm going to be making 'To Do' lists in 4 week increments. And, here's the first one.
To Do list for the next 4 weeks:
Clean out basement
Finish office room in the basement
Have a yard sale
Clear out and paint the nursery
Order top window blind for the nursery

I seriously cannot wait to start checking things off of this list and starting a new list for my 24 week point!
Wish me luck!!