Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Frosty the Snowman

This is our attempt at a snowman. I know, its pathetic but we had fun. Maisy has gotten into trouble a couple of times for trying to eat the poor things nose. We have saved it from her evil clutches more than once LOL.

Parker's First Field Trip

Parker's preschool class took a field trip to Jumpin Jacks. This was Parker's first school field trip and he had so much fun. They had pizza and played. Parker is such a sweet little boy. He loves school and he loves his friends. He is growing up to darn fast. Does anyone have any suggestions on slowing their growth down for, oh, maybe 30 years?


Parker's big Christmas present this past year was tickets to see Walking with the Dinosaurs. It was absolutely incredible! Parker was fascinated. He was telling me all of the dinosaurs names throughout the entire show. He is such a smarty pants.

I didn't get any pictures of Parker looking at me :( He was to mesmerized by the lifesize dinosaurs walking around in front of him to be bothered to turn around for a half second snap shot. I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to convince him that those dinosaurs were just really really big toys and not really alive LOL.

Here are a couple shots of Parker's favorite dinosaurs.




Parker's all time favorite
Tyranosaurus Rex