Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Backyard Fun

The kids had so much fun just hanging out and Grandma and Grandpa's house. There is so much to do there, the kids never got bored. Parker and Keizya getting ready to go down the slide
Riley, Jen, Parker and Elyssa striking a pose. Check out the muscles on Jen, Holy crap!

Elyssa, Parker and Riley

Chloe...aka Miss Photogenic

Keizya giving me the 'Leave me the heck alone!' look LOL

Ry Ry

Parker and Chloe in the pool. I can't believe any of them got in. The water was FREEZING!

l Elyssa pigging out! Sorry Lys, I had to add to add it! :)Chloe going to town on her PB&J

All the girls!

Horsin' Around

Our Kansas family FINALLY came to visit a few weeks ago! The next few posts are a compilation of everything we did for The Hunstman Family Reunion '09. We did so many fun things and had such a good time together. Here's a few pictures of my nieces doing some riding. Gotta say I'm loving that they love horses. Aren't they cute! The twins, Chloe and Riley, riding Cyera.

Chloe posing with Ebony

Chloe Givin' Ebby loves

Elyssa riding Dodger

Ry Ry riding Cyera