Monday, July 13, 2009


The past few weeks have been oh so busy. Parker turned 4 on June 26th. We had his party that day and then left for 5 days on Lake Powell the next day. It was a very busy couple of days but we survived...and in the process we made some unforgettable memories. 1012 (standby for those of you who don't know 10 code) for more details and pictures. Hope everyone is having a safe and super fun summer!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello...we're the neighbors

***Caution*** This post is pretty gross and proof that I am a mom of a little at your own discretion :)

The house next door to us has been vacant ever since we moved in to our home last June. Over the weekend we had some new neighbors move in. We hadn't had a chance to meet them yet until this past Friday. We had just gotten home from a long car ride and John and I needed to potty pretty badly. So, I get Parker out of the truck and he hops on his scooter. I run in the house, let Maisy outside and then book it to the bathroom. I'm in there for seriously less than 3 minutes. I hurry back outside to get Park. As I'm walking out of the garage I look over and see Parker standing next to a strange woman who I'm assuming is our new neighbor. She's holding a grocery sack and some tissues and Parker is cleaning up something in their all dirt, no landscaping yard. My first assumption is that Maisy did her 'business' in their yard like she has done for the past year. So, I go walking over (kind of miffed shes making my kid clean up dog crap) to see whats up. Here's how it went down.

Me: Hello, whats going on?
Neigbor: We're just cleaning up poop.
Me: Dog poop?
Neighbor: Nope, his. (pointing at Parker)
Me:(jaw hits the floor) WHAT?!?!
Neighbor: Yup, I looked out the window and saw him squatting over the dirt.
Me:(jaw still hitting the floor)
Neighbor: I asked him what he was doing and he said he didn't want to go inside.
Neighbor: It's not a big deal.
Me: I'm soooo embarrassed!
Neighbor: Really, it's not a big deal. I would be mortified if it was my kid too, but really its not a big deal.
Me: (gee thanks) I'm so sorry! Let me get a hose!
Neighbor: By the way, my names Bethany. Whats yours?
Me: (god kill me now!)