Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'm sure most of you are aware that we at the Robbins house are HUGE Transformers fans. Well mostly me and Parker but John likes it sometimes. Parker loves it for the wicked awesome robot battle scenes and I love it for the wicked awesome cars!

I've always been a Chevy girl and have loved loved loved Camaros since I was a kid but when I saw the 2007 movie I was in LOVE! I didn't think there was every anything that could compare to the concept Camaro aka "Bumblebee". That is until I saw the 2010 model they were bringing out in the new movie...WOW!!! Check it out.For the past few weeks I've been googling Transformer images (so I could see 'Bumblebee' in all of his hotness) and I came across this.....scroll down to see the picture below...and try not to poop your pants ;)
Folks, meet Swideswipe!!

OMG is this the most gorgeous car you've ever seen or what?!?! They should have named it Orgasmic or something along those lines LOL. Let me tell you about it while you're wiping away the drool. This is Chevys new concept Corvette...should be coming out in 2012ish. Corvettes have always been really sexy looking but this tops them all! Its sexy italian stallion meets all American muscle. Words cannot express how much I love this fricking car!!!