Sunday, March 13, 2011

*5 months*

My little 5 month old baby girl is getting so big! It was only a few weeks ago that I broke out the 3-6 month clothes and she's already to big for alot of them. I don't think shes even worn every outfit yet. Over the weekend I washed and hung all of her clothes up to 12, she is gonna be a DIVA! her closet is fuller than mine :)

Not a whole lot has changed with Lucy since the 4 month update. She is getting stronger though. I think she'll be sitting up on her own and rolling over in no time.

Today while I was taking a quick nap before work, John came into the bedroom totally FREAKING OUT. He goes off on telling me about how Lucy has the worst poopy diaper he has ever seen and that its all the way up her back up to her neck, on her arms, etc etc and he has NO IDEA what to do. So, after getting about a 15 minute nap I got up, calmly (poop really isn't that big of a deal!) re moved the poopy clothes and diaper, got her cleaned up and bathed and in her jammies for the night. The entire time John is nowhere to be found. Seriously. He disappeared LOL. The man can gut an animal with best of them but when it comes to baby poo....NO WAY!

Lucy is such a talker! She coos and screams, yes screams, all day long. The screaming isn't crying is more like "Oh my gosh I found my voice and I'm gonna use it!" squealing. It's seriously hilarious and pretty darn cute!

The past couple of days she has been fussier than normal and today after I got to work John texted me saying she was burning up and had a fever of 102.5. After some tylenol and cool bath it was down to 101.9 by bedtime. John said she seemed to be feeling alot better when he put her down. I really hope so. I hate hate hate it when my babies are sick :(

Lucy gets prettier and prettier every day. It seems like her eyes are a different color every time I look at them. Sometimes they're all blue, sometimes mostly brown with some blue and on days like today they look green! I think she inherited her mommy's kaleidascope eyes!

The next few months are going to be soo exciting! I can't wait to watch her learn and grow and discover everything that this world has to offer!

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