Friday, February 25, 2011

~**4 months**~

LucyLu is 1/3 of the way through her first year. This month has been a BLAST with her. She is such a happy little stinker!
Here's her 4 month stats and a few things that she's been up to this month.

She is 25 inches tall, 14lbs 11oz, 42cm head. 75% all around.
-smiles and laughs so much these days!
-still sleeping through the night like a champ. 8pm-8am baby!!
-she is very interactive with her toys now
-chews on everything...mostly her fist but likes her toys and blankets too.
-we tried to feed her cereal on Tuesday but she wanted NOTHING to do with it
-consistently eats 5 6oz bottles a day
-we now have a daily schedule in place that has Drastically changed her little diva attitude. She has a bottle around 8:30, takes a nap with mommy from 9-11:15 when we pick Parker up from school. Then its home for play time and another bottle. For playtime she likes to lay on the floor watching her musical light up toy. She also LOVES watching her big brother play. At around 2pm she starts getting a little fussy, which is cue for 'I'm tired and hungry'. After a bottle is down for a nap. She usually sleeps for a good 3 hours during this nap, which is lovely for me since I work graves and the only sleep I get during the day is when she naps. After waking up she has another bottle and some more playtime until dinner. At around 8-9 she gets a bath, bottle and bed. And thats a wrap!
-she's mobile! While laying on her back she can turn herself in a circle.
-LOVES to snuggle....totally fine by me!
-loves being tossed in the air and swung around...she seriously belly laughs every time.
-loves to hold her hands or hold my hands
-holds her bottle by herself when it's not to full
-loves her big brother!! She watches him like a hawk!
-loves her daddy...he can make her smile everytime he looks at her. So sweet!
-looks just like Parker...not even kidding. Almost the spitting image
-going bald....I know, so sad! *sniff*
-has the absolute most cutest little thunder thighs ever! I love love love to squeeze them.
-has the most beautiful little face ever! Big dark eyes (can't tell if theyre going to stay blue or go brown) long dark lashes, cute little button nose...I could go on and on and on!
Love her!

Lucy wearing Parkers onsie...everytime I look at this picture I think I'm looking at Parker!

Happy 4 months (on 2/13) princess
(Yes, this is a couple weeks late :)

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